Below are a number of academic papers, international reports, textbook chapters and background papers that draw on some of the findings of the project have been published so far:

Buckley, M. and Reid-Musson, E (forthcoming 2018) ‘Urbanization As a Bordering Practice”, in Jonas, A., K. Ward, B. Miller and D. Wilson (eds) Handbook on Spaces of Urban Politics. Routledge.

Ogunyankin, G. and M. Buckley (2017) “Incremental and instant development: informal and spectacular urbanisms”, in Bain, A. and L. Peake (eds.) Urbanization in a Global Context: A Canadian Readers’ Guide. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Buckley, M. (2017) “Migrant Labor”. In N. Castree, M. Goodchild, W. Liu, A. Kobayashi, R. Marston, and D. Richardson (eds.), The Wiley-AAG International Encyclopedia of Geography: People, the Earth, Environment, and Technology.

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Buckley, M. (2014) “Migration, Construction and Urbanisation”. In M. Keith and B. Anderson, (eds.) Migration: The COMPAS Anthology.  Oxford: COMPAS.

Reid-Musson, E.  M. Buckley. and B. Anderson (2015) Building Migrant Precarity: Employment, Citizenship & Skill in Toronto and London’s Construction Sectors. Working paper, Toronto.


Other manuscripts are currently in preparation so be sure to check back or feel free to contact for updates.